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Saturday, 19 October 2013

How To Earn Money From Your Blog With Bidvertiser

Games Canvas - Hallo Everybody ! Now games canvas want share information for all people who want to earn money from blog or website.
May be you now google adsense !, but now I don't want to talk about google adsense because for sign up and approve very difficult in google adsense. But now, don't worry again, because there is bidvertiser for your solution.
Now what is bidvertiser ? Bidvertiser is also a pay per click affiliate program or pay per click advertising company. Although bidvertiser is like google adsense but bidvertiser works in little different way. Bidvertiser will work good on niche sites i.e., sites that are focused on a single topic and the most important niche sites that works best for bidvertisers are make money online category. Business section will too do it. They have many advertisers in these section. So you better try to have bidvertiser in these niche sites only. Read on to know more about bidvertiser...It will explain all about what is bidvertiser?
Now How bidvertiser makes money for you? Bidvertiser is a pay per advertising company that places ads on your blog or site and will pay you each time a bidvertiser ad is clicked. They offer a wide variety of different ads that you can choose from to put on your blog or website. The bidvertiser ads change regularly on your blog to keep it fresh. Actually it changes according to the content of the blog or website too.
How much per click? How much per click you will get in bidvertiser ads really depends on the type of ads you get clicked by the people on your blog. In the bidvertiser you have the flexibility to choose the types of ads to appear on the blog. You can also see the bidding of each ads, so just don't approve the low paying ads and then all you will be left with is high paying ads i.e., you will make more money online with bidvertiser in this way.
Why you should choose bidvertiser? As I have said before bidvertiser is the best alternative of adsense. If you still have adsense account then go for adsense otherwise bidvertiser is always there for you. Plus you won't find any difficulty because bidvertiser is almost same as adsense.
Bidvertiser is a great way to monetize your blog if you are not using adsense or if you get ditch by adsense.

  • Note : Bidvertiser is Pay high-priced for blog or website with many visitor from US,UK,Canada, and France, and until now bidvertiser had twice pay for me

Now, do you want earn money from bidvertiser ? If yes, just follow my instruction because sign up in bidvertiser is free.

1. First click this link below
2. Next is clik Join Now - it's FREE !
3. So now, Enter your data based on your ID and don't forget enter your email also.
4. After finish, Now open inbox in your mail and click link confirmation from bidvertiser
5. Now you aulready to be publisher in bidvertiser and just sign in to bidvertiser to take ads code and put in your blog or website.

If you have any question, just comment and I will be replay your comment. Just remember, I just want to help everyone who want earn money from blog or website. thanks for visit games canvas.

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  1. I want to learn about bidvertiser
    if you want to teach me?

    1. @cenx lye : You can learn on their own because bidvertiser is easy. If you have blog and support google adsense, you must try sign up on google adsense.


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