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How To Download In Games Canvas

How to download from embedupload And Make Download In Turbobit Be Quick

If you want to download but you don't understand, you must read this tutorial. For Example here, i want to download game Chrome specporce.
First you must click link download ( Link download's color is green )
After you click link download, will open like picture as below

There is  9 link download there, from rapidshare until Mixturecloud But for Example I want to download from turbobit.
1. Clik Download Now under the heading TB ( Turbobit ) : If you want to download from turbobit.
2. After klik download now, will open like picture as below

3. Righ click on the link of Turbobit and chose copy link location  like this picture

4. After Copy, paste link in ne tab and enter. But Special for Turbobit, if you want to download, you must open this link first ( ).
5. Paste link turbobit in the box like this picture

6. After you have paste the link, click Generate and wait a minute until out link premium.
7. After out link premium, click the link ( Link is Under the heading Your Download Links ) and click start download
8. Wait a minute and click SKIP AD in the upper right corner
9. And now wait until download finish.

How To Download From Firedrive

  1. Open the link
  2. Press the button labeled Continue to file
  3. Now Press the button labeled Download file like in the picture below

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